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Scottish Wedding Hair and Makeup Specialists for Weddings in Scotland

When it comes to fairy tale weddings, Scotland is the ultimate location with its unique combination of culture, history, tradition and romance. Not only has Scotland got spectacular natural landscapes, mountains and the most magical castles in the world, but Scotland's history is full of romantic figures such as Sir Walter Scott, Robert Burns, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Rob Roy. Getting married in Scotland has so much to offer making your wedding day the most romantic day of your life. Today when people think of Scotland they think of William Wallace, Loch Lomond, Edinburgh Castle, Tartan and whisky which the locals like to call a wee hauf or dram. You can get married anywhere in Scotland, on top of a mountain or on the white sands of a beach. For your romantic Scottish wedding you might already have a memory of a place, like your first holiday together, where your partner proposed or a childhood memory that will bring back that special feeling. Once you have decided then just go for it by booking your Scottish location. If you're keen to make your wedding include some Scottish traditions then check out our laws and traditions, as there are some really fun ways to liven up your reception.

It seems you can get married almost anywhere, and Scotland provides the ideal setting for almost any kind of wedding ceremony, from the traditional wedding at a popular country house or Scottish castle. How romantic would it be to have your wedding ceremony in a walled garden in the grounds of your Scottish location, or even more after the ceremony have your wedding photographs taken somewhere breathtaking like the Queens View in Perthshire or if more adventurous on top of the William Wallace monument in Stirling. For the unusual Scottish wedding would have to be getting married at the top of Ben Nevis or a romantic trip down the Clyde on the Waverley steam boat, so whatever venue and location you decide on you're guaranteed a traditional romantic Scottish wedding that you and your guests will remember forever, and always be on your wedding photographs.

When getting married in Scotland you should be thinking white wedding dress, hand made Scottish tiara, hand made Scottish bouquets, men wearing full highland dress consisting of the kilt with his clan tartan, sporran, tartan or white hose, jacket and bonnet, and a sgian dhubh, wedding cake with thistles on top, traditional wedding cars, country house or castle location with amazing views for photographs and of course planning your make-up or wedding hair with one of our finest wedding hair specialists.