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Wedding Hair Advice in Scotland

Q: What should you look for when choosing a hairdresser?

A: Somebody with extensive experience in the hair and beauty industry who will give you a full consultation without commitment. They should show a genuine interest in you and be happy to spend time talking about your wedding and your hair. They should also ask the bride about her style of dress, so they can plan a hairstyle with this information. It's also important that they ask lots of questions. For instance, they should want to know how you usually wear your hair, and whether you pin it up or leave it down if it's long. Does it hold curl? All this information should be discussed before your trial and during.

Q: How far in advance should a bride begin planning any changes to their hair style for the big day?

A: Around six months is a good time, as this allows enough time for hair cuts to work towards the hairstyle you really want.

Q: Would you advise a change in hairstyle or colour for the wedding day?

A: You should never change your hairstyle or colour just before your wedding, you'll look too different on your photographs. Live with a new hairstyle or colour for at least six months so you're familiar with the look. The colour of your hair must blend in with the colour of your dress or suit, and it should also complement your skin tones. Your hairdresser should be able to advise you on this.

Q: What about using fresh flowers in your hair?

A: If you choose fresh flowers such as tea roses, ask the florist to wire them in advance to stop them opening up. Good florists are familiar with this practice and will suggest different options for you to wear in your hair.

Q: And other hair decorations?

A: Flowers and feathers can look lovely if you don't want to wear a headpiece, crystals and diamante pins can also be very affective blending in with style of dress, veil and tiara. Flowers should always be worn on the side of the hair parting, never on the other side as it will look unbalanced.

Q: What are the current trends and fashion for the brides' hair?

A: There is no trend at the moment, as brides today are happy to go with all hairstyles taking into account of face shape and dress. Styles are a lot more lose and funky at the moment, but there is a big demand for side creations blending in with hairpiece and dress. The fashion for brides with long hair is to wear all up or half of it up and the other half of it down, but it obviously depend on the style of dress. Personally I feel a wedding hair style should be something mesmerizing and something that the bride has never worn before. If you're very unsure of what hair style you're looking for, then you have to start doing your homework by searching the web and looking at photographs of other stylists work.

Q: Is it OK for the bride to use a hairpiece?

A: Hairpieces and clip-in extensions are very popular at the moment, giving the hair more added volume and texture. Again you should be familiar with this look so a trial is of great importance with your wedding hair specialist. It may sound obvious, but make absolutely sure that any head-dress you choose is attached to your own hair, NOT the hairpiece, so that if you take the head-dress off, the hairpiece doesn't come off with it!'

Q: How can the bride and bridal party maintain a hairstyle throughout the day?

A: If you are going for curls or hair up, wash your hair the night before rather than on the day of the wedding, otherwise it will be too soft to work with and it won't stay up. Definitely fix the hairstyle, using a good spray that doesn't give a solid look. Again your wedding hair specialist will know what products to use for your wedding hair style to stay in all day and evening.